Meet Pete


Meet Pete

Pete was brought up in Great Harwood and has lived with his wife and two children in Clayton-le-Moors for over 20 years. Previous to starting his very successful driving school in 2014 he’d gained a large amount of driving experience as an Area Sales Engineer. In his spare time he admits to being a bit of a petrol head and enjoys nothing more than keeping his classic TVR in tip-top condition so it looks it’s best when attending the many supercar rallies, shows and meetings.


Learning to drive is not just about getting a driving licence but is an essential skill for life. It may be needed to get that new job or just make it easier to get out and about without relying on mum or dads taxi. I strongly believe that a Driving Instructor should teach people the skills to drive for life and not just to pass a test. If you are nervous about learning to drive (which is totally natural), you will welcome my understanding and patient nature as I always go at your pace to achieve a positive outcome which helps to build your confidence.

If you are already having lessons and feel that you’re not making the progress you were expecting and would like a change, I am confident that WILL.i.PASS will deliver.

I instruct using the most modern state-of-the-art coaching methods and use the Apple iPad Air to demonstrate my lesson briefings and tutorials. My younger (and some older) pupils really appreciate this way of coaching as they are already using this technology in their day to day lives. This makes the material interesting, fun and interactive for all my pupils in a way that the old methods can never achieve.

Please check out the testimonials from my pupils.

In 2014 a new rigorous test was introduced for driving instructors called the ADI Standards Check to make sure that approved driving instructors are safe to give driver training and that they meet the new minimum standard set by the government. All driving instructors have to be approved and periodically assessed by the DVSA which is the same agency that will be conducting your driving test. Instructors are graded A, B or F (Fail) on their competence to teach. I am pleased to say that when I took this test in August 2014 it resulted in a top Grade A pass which is achieved by only one in four driving instructors.

Many pupils come to me from other instructors totally demoralised because they do not know how they are doing from week to week and have no knowledge of when they will be test ready. At the end of every lesson I give you an overall rating towards test standard using my Pupil Progress Report. Never will you be in any doubt as to your progress. It is crucial that your driving lessons are closely monitored from the outset. I use a unique system that allows me to assess your progress lesson by lesson. The progress report is completed with yourself at the end of every lesson which rates your driving competence on a scale of 1 to 5 for a number of different driving skills.


Driving is a life skill so the better you master it at the very beginning the higher skilled you’ll become so make sure you choose a top Grade A Instructor like Pete to start you on the road to success. There’ll be no looking back!!