Pass Plus

Pass Plus Pays…………………

Great! You’ve passed your driving test and can’t wait to get your first car. You want the kind of independence that only comes with having your own set of wheels. But the cost of insurance is sky high………..Well here are some facts: one in five newly qualified drivers will have an accident within their first year on the road. New drivers make up just 10% of licence holders, but are involved in 29% of all road accidents.

A great investment when you consider the average insurance saving is in the region of £800.

So how do you get what you want, and pay a lower premium? The answer is Pass Plus. Backed by insurance companies, Central Government and the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency, the Pass Plus scheme is designed to make you a better driver and avoid being part of a gruesome statistic. It involves more lessons in the form of six specially designed driver training modules which cover driving in town, out of town, in all weathers, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways. And there is no test to take at the end of it. Wicked!

In town: scared of rush hour traffic? Learn how to cope with town driving by taking expert advice at some of the worst times of the day. This module begins with an introduction to the course and concentrates on observation, judgement and awareness, eye contact, consideration for vulnerable road users, being cautious but not over-cautious and keeping space around your car.

In all weather: the first flurry of snow or the first blanket of fog can get you into a real fix. Learn how to deal with the perils of winter before you risk pranging your car. This module is a theory session, with practice in other modules if the opportunity arises. It covers safe driving in rain, sleet and snow, mist and fog and bright sunshine. And it looks at making sure you see and can be seen, deciding what speed to drive at and applying the rules in practice. The module also covers skidding: the causes and how to avoid it, correcting slow speed skids and braking on poor surfaces.

Out of town: country roads can hide their own kinds of hazards. Are you ready to do battle with wildlife and farm vehicles? This module is a practical session looking at the main differences from town driving, observing the road ahead, making progress safely, bends, hills and uneven roads, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and safe overtaking. It places special emphasis on consideration for pedestrians, horse riders, sharp bends, the use of horns, farm entrances and buildings, slow moving vehicles, and animals and mud on roads.

At night: how to read the road in the dark: there are some very useful tips on how to deal with dusk onwards. This is also a practical session which covers the importance of headlights, adjusting to the dark, driving at dusk and dawn, judging speed and distance, the correct use of lights, dazzle, looking for pedestrians and being prepared for cyclists.

On dual carriageways: you need eyes in the back of your head. Don’t be a slow coach or you will incur the wrath of other drivers. This practical module takes place on two or three lane carriageways and covers effective observation, such as the use of mirrors, blind spots and scanning the road, judgement and planning, joining and leaving the dual carriageways, overtaking and lane discipline.

On motorways: it’s fast and often furious: how to stay out of trouble when everyone around you seems hell bent on breaking the law. This will be a practical session if there is a motorway nearby. If not, it will be covered in theory but you should plan to drive on a motorway as soon as possible after the course to gain experience. The topics covered include joining and leaving a motorway, planning journeys in advance, safe speeds in difference circumstances, effective observation and anticipation, signs, signals and markings, lane discipline, courtesy to other road users, motorway fatigue and breakdown procedures.

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