Top tips for passing your test

L plate and keyHere are some top tips for those of you reaching that important driving test date

Whether you are taking your test at Blackburn or Nelson test centres make sure you are well prepared for your driving test.

  • Listen carefully to the examiner – ask if you are not sure of anything
  • Keep left unless directed otherwise by road markings or signs or by the examiner
  • Watch out for speed limit changes, particularly national speed limit signs
  • If you are unsure about where you are going ask the examiner
  • Revise the pictures and notes I sent you
  • Carrying out manoeuvres – remember its about the observations and control, correct the manoeuvre  if it goes wrong
  • Independent driving – it really does not matter if you go the wrong way…. it may be the safest option
  • Don`t leave your wipers running if it stops raining
  • The quickest way to fail your test is to not check your mirrors and blind spots when moving off
  • Remember to cancel that signal whenever you have finished parking up. At least one person fails every year for this mistake.
  • Remember your bus lane rules!!
  • Match your gear to your speed
  • Observations! Observations! Observations!

Take your time – Think positive – and remember a hesitancy fault is better than a serious or dangerous fault caused by rushing.