Whistleblower says driving test centres have targets to meet!!

‘Sorry I’ve reached my pass quota this week – you’ve failed’

14 Jan 2016
By Jennifer Hyland

Paul Bennie says examiners are under pressure to adhere to secret quotas for passes and fails!!

The whistleblower says driving centres have quotas and targets to meet for passes and fails”

A DVSA driving test examiner claims he was drummed out of his job because he didn’t fail enough learners.

Paul Bennie says there are secret quotas for passes and fails and examiners are under pressure to stick to them.

He claimed a computer-generated “average pass” rate means they have to fail almost two thirds of women learners.

Paul, 41, said: “I was introduced to the Chi system which generates the average pass percentages.

“If anyone went over these, they would be flagged up and instructors would make sure they kept within the targets.

“No matter how many learners came in to sit their test, if the computer said you fail 50 per cent, you failed 50 per cent.

“In the first few weeks, I was told I was too high on passes.

“Examiners could be told that one week they were too high on male passes, then the next week too high on female passes. They would fail some people to average it out.”

Paul, from Glasgow worked for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for just under a year. He left last month.

He said that at the Paisley driving centre, the computer generated pass marks meant only 35-38 per cent of female driving students were expected to pass compared to 43-45 per cent for men.

A DVSA spokesman confirmed they use a computer programme to predict pass rates. But they denied using it to set targets for examiners.

He said: “Examiners are never given a target pass rate and every test is assessed on its own merits.

“Examiners do not have quotas for passes.”